OBGC House Baseball

Spring 2022


Welcome to the Spring Season 2022!


OBGC offers house baseball for boys and girls in school grades kindergarten through 12th grade.  There are six different age/grade divisions, most being two year programs. All baseball divisions are open to boys and girls.  There is minimum playtime for players in all divisions and maximum inning limit at individual positions at the younger age divisions.  Players bat every game in a continuous batting order.  The emphasis is for the boys and girls to have fun while learning baseball.  All games (except Colt division) and practices are held within three miles from the center of Olney (Rt. 108 and Georgia Avenue).

Birthdates are not relevant when registering for OBGC house baseball.  Leagues are formed based on the school grade which the child is enrolled. 

Shetland          Pre-K - 1st          T – Ball
Pinto               1st – 2nd Grade   Machine Pitch 
Mustang MP   3- 4th Grade        Machine Pitch
Bronco            4th - 5th - 6th      Player Pitch
Pony                7th - 8th              Player Pitch
Colt                  9th - 12th           Player Pitch

Seasons/Practices:  The house program has a spring and fall season.  The spring season runs from April to June.  It is the coach’s discretion as to how many practices they will have, but we recommend one per week so that skills can be taught for the player's development tball / Shetland:  Teams will hold one practice during the week with a game on Saturday in the beginning of the season.  Later an extra day for a second weekly game could be added.

Coaches:  We are always looking for good coaches for our children.  All head and assistant coaches are required to pass a mandatory background check and participate in a computer NYSCA training course.  Our coaches are the backbone to all of the Club's programs and whose attitude and approach are appropriate for the level and goals of any particular sport.

End of Season Single Elimination Tournament:  To promote players learning the game of baseball and enjoying the experience of playing, standings are not kept during the regular season.  All teams make the playoffs, win - loss records are irrelevant for seeding.

Equipment:  OBGC provides each player with a uniform consisting of a team shirt and hat.  Due to Covid-19 issues all players must provide their own batting helmet in 2022. Catchers equipment will be provided for each team and there will be strict rules for catchers gear in relation to Covid 19 guidelines. Boys fielding the catcher position are required to wear an athletic protector/cup.  No metal cleats are allowed except in the Colt division.

Baseball Bat Restrictions:

  • Shetland, Pinto & Mustang must use 2 1/4" barrel bats, no weight restrictions

  • Bronco & Pony may use 2 1/4" or 2 3/4" barrel bats, no weight restrictions

  • Colt must use a minus 3 bat with a 2 5/8" barrel as required in high school baseball


T-ball = $170

Baseball = $215


Contact Information:  If you have any additional questions about the BASEBALL PROGRAMS, please contact us at baseball@OBGC.com, or see the specific contact information below.  If you have questions about REGISTRATION, please contact obgcadm@OBGC.com.

Thank you and enjoy the season.

House Baseball Commissioner: Brad Scott (baseball@obgc.com)

Tee-Ball Coaching Guidlines

League Rules Documents

T-Ball Rules

Bronco Rules

Pinto Rules

Mustang Rules

Pony Rules

Colt Rules


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