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Fall 2021 House Soccer


Below are key dates and details for the upcoming Fall season as it pertains to U10, U12, U14 and high school boys’ and girls’ leagues (that’s kids in 3rd – 12th grade).


Key dates for the Fall 2021 season (U10, U12, U14 & High School)


Saturday, August. 28th – REGISTRATION DEADLINE


Friday, September 3rd  – Rosters sent to families.  Coaches will contact their teams and establish the practice schedule; initial game schedules released.


Monday, September 6th – Practices begin this week; first day that teams may officially practice.


Saturday, September 11th – Opening weekend.  First games for all age groups.

NOTE: Some weekday games during the season (see generic schedule below).


Saturday, November 6th – Final weekend. Championship games for 1st and 2nd place (but every team still has a game).




Frequently asked questions

How do I request a specific team or carpool?   During registration you may indicate your coach and/or carpool preferences.  For those who register before the deadline we can usually accommodate these preferences but there are no guarantees.  After the deadline it is unlikely.  SO, REGISTER EARLY!

When are the games?   Games are played each Saturday during the regular season, holidays notwithstanding.  Additionally, a few games will occur in the evening during the week.  All games are played at OBGC Park.

What times are the games?   Saturday games are anytime between 9am and 3:30pm.  Weekday games after 5pm.

When are practices?   Teams typically practice once a week for an hour on Montgomery County fields in the Olney area, weekdays between 5-8pm.  The actual time, location and frequency for each team is dictated by the head coach, so you won’t know specifics until your team and therefore head coach is assigned soon after the registration deadline.

What do I need to bring?   OBGC provides team jerseys.  The players must wear cleats, shin guards and socks that cover the guards entirely.   As always, water is highly advisable.

Bring a ball to practice; U10s & U12s use size 4, U14s, size 5.

Who makes the playoffs?   Since 2019, not all teams make the playoffs but despite this, every team that wishes to continue playing up to the end of the season will have games.

Can my child “play up”?   This is allowed at the specific request of the parent/guardian

Can my child “play down”?   No.  Not under any circumstance.

My child also plays Soccer in another league.  Can he/she play with friends in the House program?   Yes, however the number of “carded” players from other leagues will be limited on any given team.




League age groups and general schedules


U10: (3rd & 4th graders): format is 8v8, half-sized field, size 4 ball.

  • U10 Boys – Saturday games on field #1B, weekday games on Mondays

  • U10 Girls – Saturday games on field #1A, weekday games on Tuesdays


U12: (5th & 6th graders): format is 9v9, half-sized field, size 4 ball.

  • U12 Boys – Saturday games on field #2B, weekday games on Wednesdays

  • U12 Girls – Saturday games on field #2A, weekday games on Thursdays


U14: (7th & 8th graders): format is 11v11, full-sized field, size 5 ball.

  • U14 Boys – Saturday & weekday games on field #4, weekday games on Wednesday

  • U14 Girls – Saturday & weekday games on field #3, weekday games on Thursday


U18/High School: (9th to 12th graders): format is 11v11, full-sized field, size 5 ball.


NOTE: Practices are established differently by each coach (see FAQ above)





All house soccer coaches and assistants are volunteers.  If you’re interested in volunteering, please use the same player registration website as for players.  Of course, it’s great if you know the sport but enthusiasm and a positive attitude is more important.  We can help you with the basics such as how to manage games and structure meaningful practice sessions.





OBGC manages its own roster of young officials from our local community.  If you’re 13 or older and a certified soccer referee we’re keen to add you to our roster of officials.  Contact us at the email below.

If you’re interested in certifying as a referee, check out the state website below for available classes:




Questions? Contact:


Paul Bash

OBGC House Soccer Commissioner